ReactJS Development

ReactJS for your business

React’s component-based nature makes the translation of designs into code faster and easier.It is easy to reuse components across the app and this saves time and money.

AngularJS Development

AngularJS for your business

Its feature Build Optimizer decreases the size of the bundle by scraping out unwanted things. The feature decreases the JavaScript bundles and increases the application’s boot speed.

React native App development

Applications for Android, iOS React native platform capabilities

React Native is used to build native apps for iOS and Android platforms using JavaScript.

Digital Marketing

Advertising delivered!

We are offering services of Content Marketing, Search Engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay per click, Affiliate marketing, SSL certificates.

Branding Designing

Creating and launching brands

Whether you need a startup brand kit, or a comprehensive Omni-channel campaign, we are committed to champion the experience your customers have with your brand.

Mobile App Development

Hybrid, iOS & Android development

Development of mobile apps for your business will help you to connect with your clients in an engaging and effective manner. Exacting in utilizing open source software packages for mobile apps development like React Native which helps you make lot of improvement in your business.

Video Streaming App Development

Video streaming apps and services

The consumers' appetite for streaming videos is growing exponentially. More and more consumers prefer to watch videos rather than read.

PHP apps development

Build with PHP Laravel framework

An Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates applications to help organizations collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities.

SSL Certificates

Secure your website today!

When SSL certificates installed on your website or web applications, it activates the green padlock and the https protocol allows secure connections from your web server to any browser.

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Web Development, Web Design, Hosting, Digital Marketing

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Web development company in Bangalore

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"Why Choose Us?"

As the best Web Development Company in Bangalore we offer

  • Short and assured turnaround time - we never fail on deliveries.
  • Most rational return on investment - we pay back in the best possible manner.
  • We take complete ownership of the project from end to end till it is delivered.
  • Adopt the best practices of business and deploy the most advanced technological tools.
  • We remain attached to the projects even beyond delivery and are ready to hold your hand whenever you need us.
What Clients Say
  • It was a very excited and thrilled to work with the team of "Vivanta Technologies" - Web Development Company for my project. One among the most effective team work add guiding from start to end of the project. Experienced a very proactive approach, professSophisticated proactive approach, skilfully trained, quick email/call response, associate honest and polite approach of client service.

    Joseph, Bangalore
  • A great Web Development Company, Bangalore with team work and dedicated effort in delivering vast concepts and solutions for web design features. Appreciated the hard work and "all the best for your future endeavours".

    Prashant, Bangalore
  • Enjoyed working with innovators and creators for my web page. Inexpensive budget constraint without compromising on the quality the given project was well executed in needed stipulated time, a chunk of preeminent job delivered. Looking forward to work in future to avail services with this Web Development Company in Bangalore.

    Ashok, Bangalore
  • I would really like to take this opportunity to thank the team of Vivanta Technologies in providing excellent service and maintaining the client relationship. At this juncture, I would also recommend businesses opportunities to the team of Vivanta to flourish. Its, one of the best Web Design Company Bangalore that can help, by promoting and marketing your portal on an international level.

    Jenifer, Bangalore
  • Kudos to the team at Vivanta Technologies. Our requirement was swiftly well understood and serviced. They are a very well organized and efficient team. Unlike many teams that just know the job, but don't understand business, Vivanta Web Development Company, Bangalore goes beyond their duty and exactly match up with the business need. We highly recommend Vivanta.. Co-founder - Medi Bridge India Pvt. Ltd.

    J. Caleb, Bangalore
  • Our experiences in terms of the services provided by this Web Development Company, Bangalore are outstanding. The procedure of getting response to our issues, query, web design and work procedure was high first-class. The entire Web desing team of Vivanta technologies are quick at their work and highly cooperative and helpful. We really appreciate your fortitude in every step. We expect and hope for the same experience once again in near future.

    Indian Educational Services, Bangalore

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Web Development Company in Bangalore, Hosting & Email marketing

Web Portal Development

The name Vivanta Technologies come to mind when one thinks of Web Designing and Web development company in Bangalore. It is one of the leading groups in Bangalore that still facilitates its customers with web hosting and digital advertising thanks to its professional crew of skilled era specialists. Web Portal Development: We seize your ideas and make use of them nearly so that it will give you a first rate searching net web page that is 100% practical and customized as in keeping with your desires. The present day technologies and apps are fused flawlessly in the web portal that can be used efficaciously to carve a niche on your business at the same time as catering on your clients globally persuasively.

MEAN Stack Apps Development

It enables fast development of applications: Its simplicity and capabilities to needed to meet the most complex requirements at any scale make development easy.

Many of smart business leaders with heaps of talent recognize that they need help to bring their development project idea to fruition. That’s where Mean Stack Development Company, Vivanta Technologies comes in. Whether you need to develop an app or a custom website, we’ll do the job for you with great panache.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design: Enjoy sharing your website with thousands of prospective customers courtesy responsive web design that provides for optimal viewing across smart devices. We make sure that your exceptional content influences your target market offering them with an terrific viewer experience irrespective of how small or large the device is.


We offer you a package of SEO, web services that includes but is not limited to Responsive Web Design, Web Hosting PPC Management Services, SSL certificate integration, Ecommerce Website Design, Payment Gateway Integration, Video Streaming Website development, Web Portal Development, SMS Marketing and Digital Marketing. You are welcome to request the following services from us too…

Digital Marketing: Get ready to welcome increased number of visitors to your website and rejoice in converting the leads effectively via unique digital marketing strategies. The pinnacle professionals of our crux team will empower you to have course in which you have got an aspect over your commercial enterprise competitors way to the great optimization techniques and a exclusive Pay per click model.

E Mail Marketing

E Mail Marketing – We will help you to reach your target audience by adopting an effective strategy for email marketing that our skilled team undertakes as a part of the marketing strategy. Bulk SMS marketing is coupled with bulk emails to aid you in reaching out to prospective customers.

Real Estate Portal Development

Real Estate Portal Development- We have both skill and experience on our side when it comes to creating innovative websites that cuts across all domains in business. We also offer cost effective Real Estate website design, Jewelry Website Development, Jewelry E-commerce Website Design, Node.js Apps Development, cloud hosting and SMO although portal development for real estate remains our forte.

NodeJS development company

Vivanta Technologies is a leading NodeJS development Company in Bangalore. Our NodeJS team of developers can complete your project quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. We develop for high performance, scalability and security.


The Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Internet hosting services by providing server space and web services for the websites

Content Writing

Empowering Unique and Engaging Content for Websites

Written by choosing the right amount of words, maintaining quality standards, showing professionalism for a better outcome of conversation rates.


Achieving your business goals is quite impossible without the aid of information Technology today. Right from advertising to marketing your products and converting your leads there is just no area left that can do without technology. It is little wonder therefore that online activities like posting on forums, blogging, and social media interaction have been identified as business promoting tools.

The age of browsing the Internet aimlessly is over! The Internet has replaced a busy market now. So, make the best use of it by converting your website into an attractive responsive & interactive showroom that displays all your products along with the services you offer beautifully. This will help in keeping your clients informed while your online sales go up.

Agile Software Development for Web & Mobile Apps development!

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Blog and Logo Designing – We are adept at creating quality blog content as well designing the blogs for your website that would appeal to the user. We also follow Golden ratio for designing a proper logo for your company that will stand out in a crowd and create a distinct identity for your business.

Keep your trust in us as we design and develop your website according to your requirements. Our technical skills as well as the vast experience in handling marketing has resulted in catapulting us to the top position amongst all the PHP development company and Web Development company in Bangalore. We are a hit due to the fact we accept as true with in retaining our promises and our easy however highly effective websites are recognised to hobby the viewers substantially because the layout is eye catching with the navigation smooth making it a at ease experience. We help your clients browse through your website with minimal fuss during reading or navigation irrespective of the device being used.

We are considered to be the top AngularJS web application development and top web development company in Bangalore for a reason. Our promise to deliver stays strong as we by no means exult unessential about our abilities at the same time as explaining the offerings presented. Clients stays the Monarch for us and we chalk out the enterprise plans whilst maintaining your future necessities in thoughts. It enables to satisfy urgent deadlines correctly with the aid of sensible and innovative solutions. This approach is notably effective in staying in advance of opposition and presents us with the self belief had to offer the exceptional viable solution to our customers.

Quality solutions is responsible for the elevation of Vivanta Technologies to the position of one of the leading companies providing the best PHP development services, web designs and web development solutions in Bangalore. Positive, we take place to be malleable and try to offer worth competent solutions for all our customers but it is in no way by compromising on quality. As a web development company in Bangalore our solutions have been excellent so far and will continue to remain so as we believe that quality should be the main focus of our company. It does now not pay to be mediocre ever this precept has succeeded in supporting us to overcome opposition successfully.

Vivanta Technologies is recognized as one of the leading web development company in Bangalore. It has charmed itself to its customers who discover it comparable to a guiding force that continues the desired internet campaign on direction thereby permitting the customers to attain their goals resolutely. We concentrate intently in your concept and envisage them almost in an effort to offer the best solution to your requisite. Our crew makes use of their experience at the side of the modern-day tech equipment so that the spectator is remunerated with an aggrandise web experience. It also lets you reach your enterprise desires and boom your profitability.

Our scope of work