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Do you want to reach new customers with a mobile app?

Are you confused about which technology to use to build your app?

You are not alone. Seriously!

Since the number of people using the internet on mobile devices than their desktops are increasing every year, many smart business owners are thinking of building a mobile app for their business. They want to ensure that the app is built using a technology they can bank on.

That’s where we come in. Vivanta Technologies is an iconic brand in developing business and user-friendly mobile apps.

Which technology to use to build your app?

The most-used platforms on which smartphones operate these days are Android and IOS

While planning to develop a mobile app, it’s good to consider the alternatives.

Native app development: Developing an app by using two different codebases for Android and iOS devices in their native languages: Java and Kotlin for Android and Swift or Objective-C for iOS.

Cross-platform which means building an app with frameworks like React Native or Google's Flutter that make code readable for Android and iOS.

To make the right choice between React Native and Native technologies for mobile development, you will have to take into consideration the long-term goal, scope, budget and timeline for your project. You can also use the information on this page to guide your decision.

What is React Native?

React Native is a Framework that was developed by Facebook developers as their internal hackathon project. It was then released to the public in 2016. This framework is now widely used for cross-platform mobile development.

Thousands of apps are developed using Reactive Native by Businesses large and small. Examples of apps developed using Reactive Native include:

To a great extent, React Native enables shipping Android and iOS apps with a single code base. This occurs because of its in-built capability to translate the JavaScript code on native components known as bridges.

Advantages of developing apps using React Native

  • Ability to share code between different platform
  • Faster mobile app development
  • Lower developmental cost

Native app development

Developing a product from scratch for one operating system is Native app development all about. Generally, Android mobile apps are written in Kotlin and Java, iOS apps - in Swift and Objective-C.

Advantages of Native app development

  • Higher performance
  • Bigger community making it easier to solve problems
  • The assistance of creators of both platforms
  • Better integration with hardware functionalities
  • Fewer Bugs

Android mobile apps are usually written in Kotlin and Java, iOS apps - in Swift and Objective-C. So if you want to create an application for both platforms, you will have to hire developers with programming skills required by Android and iOS.

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To review – Which technology stack will you use to develop your app?

  • You must consider this before you start to build the app at the beginning of defining your business strategy.
  • You must consider your long-term goals, budget, scope, and timeline. You must have a complete and thorough understanding of your goals.
  • If your app does not require integrations at a large scale, and if your app is for an immediate purpose like an event related or simple e-commerce site cross-platform mobile development with frameworks such as React Native works well.
  • When your goal is high performance, large scale integrations with native APIs and platform- specific features, Native app works well

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