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You have big goals, and big challenges that need to be solved. We dive deep into our domain expertise to innovate astounding solutions. We work closely with your team to build a product your audience will love using.

From enterprise software to new startup products, our team at Vivanta Technologies will inspire Digital transformations that delight users. Vivanta Technologies is the top AngularJS web application development company. As one of the most popular and widely used structured frameworks, AngularJS is used to build highly dynamic single page applications.

We offer full circle AngularJS application development services including

  • AngularJS consulting
  • AngularJS web application development
  • Customized AngularJS Website
  • AngularJS E-Commerce Web Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • AngularJS UI/UX Development
  • AngularJS Enterprise Development

AngularJS Consulting

We understand your requirements and explain the logic behind building your enterprise application using AngularJS. You can thereby take informed decisions. Feel free to approach us for any questions you may have whether simple or complex. We are ready to assist you

AngularJS web application development

We blend our skills in AngularJS web application development and take advantage of the robust AngularJS framework which is developed and maintained by Google. The outcome is an application that meets your business requirements and fulfills the users’ needs.

Customized AngularJS website

Vivanta specializes in AngularJS website design and development to match specific requirements of our customers. Our attractive and striking websites are specially designed for simple navigation. The inbuilt capabilities of AngularJS framework helps us deliver extraordinarily simple and super quick websites to help you get started fast.

AngularJS E-Commerce Web Development

Angular provides a lot of flexibility to create an awesome shopping experience client side. Also, the simplicity of its multi-platform deployment makes it a choice for omni-channel e-commerce setups. Our AngularJS E-commerce web development services are allowing businesses to achieve their goals faster, accelerate growth and drive innovation. Interested in how we can work together? Contact us.

Custom Plugin Development

Plugins/extensions help you get better control of your apps. Our front-end developers create effective plugins using AngularJS.

AngularJS UI/UX Development

The key to developing a successful app is to blend the demands of your users with intuitive design and experience and simplifying its usage. Our UI/UX design specialists will work in tandem with you to develop a mobile, desktop or web app that meets your business’ and users’ requirements.

AngularJS Enterprise Development

Angular dictates a specific implementation that results in faster implementation time and better collaboration. With Typescript and static type checking, Angular brings familiarity to the enterprise scene. We develop custom enterprise applications for today’s fast-paced enterprise environment.

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Our process for building Enterprise solutions


We interview your staff and review software to understand what challenges need solutions.

Design the logics

We define the disciplines and pieces that will have the greatest effect.


We create wireframes and concepts to demonstrate the echo system we will build

Test and Rehearse

We put our solution in front of the audience and implement the feedback we receive.

Expand design

We extend the current corporate branding into the selected fields of discipline

Service design

We create a series of products to encourage user behavior

Design systems

We maintain consistency by building a series of sustainable design elements and leveraging it to the fullest

Find Techs

We analyze the existing techs, systems, database, API, and then include modern stacks

Supported deployment

We release the first version of the solution and make continuous improvement as required

Our process for startups

Analyze the market

We identify top competitors and their target audience profile.

Find gaps

We identify where the existing product is missing the mark and where you should tap.

Define Minimum desired product (MDP)

We create valuable user information that can lead to the creation of the MDP – personas and user stories

Create Prototype

We create wireframes laying out the functionality of the project in detail from login to user profile

Define audience preferences and taste

We pinpoint what attracts audience in the space.

Create an identity

We work closely with you to create eye-catching identities, logos, voice, brand, personality


We spruce up the project definition with feedback

Plan and stacks

We plan the architecture for data model for the deployment of modern tech stack

Build the platform

We bring in precise harmony between the front-end, back-end, mobile, desktop, and APIs.

A bit about angular

Angular is a framework used by developers to develop web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop. It is well known for its speed and performance. It lets the speed to be taken further via Web Workers and server-side rendering. Angular is scalable and allows meet huge data requirements by building data models on RxJS, Immutable.js or another push-model.

Developers love it for the capability it provides to build features quickly with simple, declarative templates. It also lets the developers extend the template language with their own components and utilize a wide range of existing components.

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