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  • Are you looking to develop high performing apps?
  • Do you want to reinvent the digital experience of your web apps?
  • Do you want to migrate an app that is created in Angular, i.e. 2 and 4 to AngularJS 5,6,7?

If yes, AngularJS 5,6,7 is a great choice and Vivanta Technologies, the leading AngularJS 5 development company can help.

Whether your Business is a startup or an established enterprise, AngularJS 5 is more reliable, agile and secure for application development. Developed and maintained by Google, AnuglarJS is a structural framework for dynamic web applications. With AngularJS Developers can use HTML as the template language and extend HTML syntax to express the components of the application clearly and concisely.

Well-known as the AngularJS development Company in Bangalore, Vivanta Technologies is powering startups and established enterprises to expand their reach, acquire new customers and improve customer satisfaction by providing better digital experience to their end-users across desktops, smart-phones, and screens. With hands-on experience with the data binding, controller, JavaScript components presented along with the recent version of Angular JS framework, our Developers build apps ranging from the most simple to complex web apps by using AngularJS built-in capabilities.

Our AngularJS web development capabilities include:

  • Migration Services
  • User Interactive App Development
  • Plug-ins Development
  • AngularJS Web Application Development
  • Custom AngularJS Development
  • AngularJS App Development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Interactive Real-Time Apps
  • Social and Interactive Apps
  • AngularJS Consulting
  • Custom Widget Development
  • Custom components and user interface
  • App interface and Development
  • Website interface and Development
  • Enterprise Development
  • Interactive Dashboard Development

Why AngularJS Development?

Offered by the Search Giant Google

The search giant Google is the provider and the sponsor of AngularJS. That in itself provides a reason for confidence in the framework. You can trust its robustness and obvious higher visibility.

AngularJS is comprehensive

The latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript MVC are roped into AngularJS. Its outstanding features which include REST Easy, MVVM to the Rescue, Data Binding and Dependency Injection, extended HTML, enterprise-level testing etc. enable the AngularJS application developers to construct robust data-driven websites.

AngularJS’ simplicity speeds up the development process

Given the simplicity of AngularJS, the development process is much faster. By adding just a few attributes to the HTML and getting a web app matching the needs, the developer can apply the required functionalities.

More reliable, agile and secure for application development including enterprise

  • Its feature Build Optimizer decreases the size of the bundle by scraping out unwanted things. The feature decreases the JavaScript bundles and increases the application’s boot speed.
  • The HttpClient feature enhances the timeliness and accessibility of the planning and execution of a business program or campaign.
  • The JSON Web Tokens (JWT) assists in creating a validated secure session between the client application and the back-end server thus enhancing the data security. Data security is paramount to enterprises today, making AngularJS the best bet.
  • Its two-way data binding improves timeliness. IT professionals can keep the app updated to serve the intended purposed by using its automated and quick synchronization of updates between model and view.

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Why Choose Vivanta Technologies as your AngularJS Development Company?

We understand your business objectives and users

Before starting the AngularJS development project, we put ourselves into the shoes of our customers and the end users of the app. We get deep into the business objectives and the requirements of the app users to develop one that meets and exceeds expectations.

We assure high-quality AngularJS Development

The in-built capabilities of AngularJS provide a simple, robust, and interactive development environment. That clubbed with our experience helps us assure of high-quality development.

We transform your idea into actionable solutions

Using our agile capabilities in AngularJS development, we transform your idea into actionable solutions.

Faster Development time

We understand how important it is to balance speed and quality. Our build systems are well tuned to maintain rapid iterations.

Availability of onsite and offsite developers

We work from our office or are also available to work from your office premises as an extended arm to your IT team. Our developers are available onsite or offsite.

Dedicated client servicing manager

Clients are our top priority. We dedicate a client servicing manager for your project and ensure that we are available to answer questions you may have.

Contact Vivanta Technologies, the leading AngularJS Development Company in Bangalore to discuss your project today. We can also work with your IT experts to speed up your projects. Our goal is to provide robust and scalable solutions for your business. Our AngularJS Developers are ready to achieve perfect mobile apps you have ideated into a reality.