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An insight into Digital marketing courses in Bangalore.

You will hardly find any business enterprise today that does not include digital marketing in its overall marketing strategy. Companies are allocating sizeable budgets for digital marketing of their products and services along with the traditional techniques. This holds good for companies that are marketing products online and also for companies that do not have online marketing arrangements. Therefore, it is imperative that whoever is practicing digital marketing in whatever capacity should have knowledge about the subject and be trained to manage the operations efficiently. Whether you are heading the business operations, a corporate employee or a student, you just cannot do without the knowledge of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing entails the selling of products or services utilizing the techniques of search engine optimization to earn good rankings of your website in the search engine results. When your website is adequately visible on the web in response to search queries, more traffic will be driven to your website thereby increasing the possibilities of generating more business. Using the various techniques of search engine optimization and advertising on the web you will be able to engage the visitors to your website and drive them to buy your products or services.

Digital marketing courses

The professionals of internet marketing are deemed to be the best people to give training in internet marketing because the subject involves functional knowledge and skills. Vivanta Technologies is offering digital marketing courses in Bangalore and award certificates on successful completion of the course. The courses are mainly aimed at students as well as working professionals and offers a lot of flexibility in holding classes on weekdays and weekends including evening classes.

Courses offered

All the courses are designed to impart knowledge as well as develop the skills necessary to utilize the knowledge in a meaningful way. Case studies and role play sessions together with hands on training and extensive discussions make the curriculum more practical oriented.

Digital Marketing courses

The course is about the development of a successful digital marketing plan and imparts knowledge about inbound marketing and web / digital marketing. It teaches the fundamentals of marketing plan, how to develop a plan using the right resources, incorporate skills into it and then communicating it effectively for successful implementation. Techniques of integrating digital marketing with conventional marketing are also included in the course.

SEO course

The basic guidelines of search engine optimization forms the foundation of the course that imparts knowledge about the working of search engines and the best practices to be followed according to the established guidelines of Google and other search engines. It highlights the method of building websites meant for the target audience and talks about various SEO strategies and tools that are used to develop a successful SEO campaign.

SEM and Pay per click advertising course

The course is designed to give a clear understanding about the role of SEM and teaches the techniques of how to maximize the opportunities of advertising on Google Adwords or Bing by using pay per click techniques. It teaches how to increase brand or website visibility that would drive more targeted traffic to the website that ensures better return on investment.

Affiliate marketing course

Affiliates are like authorized agents of business who undertake promotional campaigns on behalf of the principals to sell their products. There may be several affiliates of a business enterprise that rewards the affiliates whenever the leads that they generate are converted into sales. Affiliate marketing is part of e tailers and the e commerce industry. The course gives in depth knowledge about affiliate marketing and teaches the methods of making money online by promoting products or services.

Web Analytics course

The course teaches how to make best use of web analytics to improve the performance of websites that could strengthen internet marketing. Web analytics comprises various performance data of websites which gives a clear picture to analyze how websites are performing and devise strategies of improving performance. The course explains the importance of each type of data, ways to analyze data and how to use the data that could boost performance.

The faculty comprises a professional team who use highly interactive training modules to impart the best in class training and learning that adds real value to the careers of the learners.

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