Improving the visibility of a mobile app - App Store Optimization (ASO)

Introduction to App Store Optimization or ASO

SEO has become a demanding tool in getting traffic volume and high visibility to the website. Moreover, in today's world, mobile users are increasing and are looking out for new applications for mobile phones in the market, it requires an optimization. App Store Optimization or ASO is a new concept in getting visibility and rankings for applications. The concept and method is similar to SEO and it is required to have knowledge and experience in SEO.

ASO is the process of practicing title, keywords, metadata, description in order to bring rankings and visibility to maximize app store.

Our approach in ASO

Vivanta Technologies is one of the best SEO company and Mobile Apps development company in Bangalore. As an experienced SEO professional company, we generate rankings to apps such as Android apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps, and other apps in the market.

  • Improving search results and visibility for App store listings compared to other competitors
  • Giving high rankings to the keyword and maintaining keyword density
  • Providing scalability and proficiency
  • Understanding users and researching the keywords on search engines

Why ASO?

ASO has become one of the most important in optimizing apps as number of users are increasing in downloading new applications in the market of smartphones and tablets.

  • Various Search Engines
  • App Store Rankings
  • App Name
  • App Keywords
  • App Descriptions
  • App Icon
  • Categories and Subcategories
  • Updates

Our method is based on efficiency and reliability to perform App Store Optimization. We are looking forward for your kind gesture in making your App's available for the users across the globe!

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