PHP Development Company in Bangalore, India

PHP Development Company in Bangalore, India

If you are looking for PHP Development Company in Bangalore, Vivanta Technologies is the leading Company. We specialize in developing high-quality products and services using the PHP programming language. Check out what we can develop for you.

  • PHP websites
  • PHP portal development
  • PHP E-commerce Solutions
  • PHP Content management systems
  • PHP CRM and ERP systems
  • Mobile apps using PHP language

PHP websites

A well-designed website is a basic necessity for your business. On an average, more than 83% of all websites are PHP websites. Before you develop, revamp or upgrade your website, it is worth considering PHP web development and programming. Eye-catching, intuitive and user-friendly websites can be created using the PHP technology. Check out our portfolio here.

PHP portal development

If your business needs large informative portals, you can avail our PHP web portal development services. From architecture design, GUI design, DB planning, to coding or middle tier integration, our team has the required proficiency.

PHP E-commerce Solutions

Our PHP E-commerce Solutions include

Content management systems

A content management system allows you to publish, edit, modify and maintain content even if you do not have the technical expertise. Whether you want to run your website containing blogs, news or shopping, PHP content management systems are a great choice. We have the expertise to develop, customize, and deliver PHP content management systems.

CRM and ERP systems

An Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates applications to help organizations collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities such as product planning, procurement, manufacturing, service delivery and more. We have the expertise to craft solutions to help you re-engineer business processes and map them to the current business processes. Our approach to crafting, implementation and eventual system sustenance are carefully managed to help you reap the complete potential of an ERP implementation.

Growing organization need proper resource planning systems for smoother interaction between your everyday operations involving accounting, sales, supply chain, and customer relationships. A good ERP and CRM solution helps meet the demands of diverse software for these activities while ensuring their effective integration at the client’s side. As the leading PHP development company in Bangalore, Vivant Technologies provides solutions for ERP, accounting, CRM and e-commerce ERP, accounting, CRM and e-commerce.

Our PHP CMS Development Includes:

  • E-commerce design
  • Sales automation
  • B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C solutions with PHP
  • Intranet and Extranet solutions for your PHP product development
  • Searching and indexing content of PHP CMS development
  • Enhanced content security
  • Efficient content management systems
  • Effective layouts that attract visitors.

Mobile Apps Development

We are experts in developing mobile apps using PHP language for all types of Smart-phones including all types of screens, resolutions, color, input methods, depth, fond and operating systems. The app can be accessed soon after its release by accessing the defined URL on the server. It is accessible without putting the app on an app store.

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Why PHP development?

It facilitates stress-free future development

PHP is an open source software. This means that it can easily be made available for use or modification for future development. The software can be distributed and redistributed to anyone without restriction. By making the source code available, the receiving party can improve or modify the code.

Easy access to your account

PHP is a server-side script rather than a client slide script. Processing is done on the web host’s server. This means that you can access sites such as Google Plus, Twitter from any other system and log in to your account.

The availability of plug-ins as an advantage

The plug-ins needed are easily available speeding up the development process enabling faster business.

It is economical

There is no licensing fee to install PHP. It is available as General public license (GPL). Web hosting server can be set up with low cost.

PHP websites are secure

PHP websites are secure and keep hackers at bay.

Compatibility as an advantage

PHP is compatible with all popular operating systems and web servers commonly used in the market. It can run across multiple platforms like Linux, Unix, Windows, Solaris. It is also compatible with servers like Apache, IIS.

Speed of websites

The speed of the website matters. Slow loading websites turn off visitors easily. PHP runs smoothly with other software in the system and so it provides fast output. PHP utilizes its own memory space thus reducing the working load of the server.

PHP accommodates a wide range of scripting languages

It accommodates a wide range of scripting languages. It supports most of the rational databases including:

  • Oracle
  • mSQL
  • DB2 Sybase
  • MySQL

Whether you are looking for website development, web portal development, E-commerce solutions, Content management systems, CRM or ERP systems, or mobile app development, Contact Vivanta Technologies, the leading PHP Development Company in Bangalore to discuss your complete project today. We can also work with your IT experts to speed up your projects.