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Dedicated Servers

Vivanta Technologies is a dedicated server consultant Bangalore, guides you with the entire private server that is ideal fit to run different programs or business transactions. Our team at the dedicated server consulting company, guides you with a wide range of hosting features, which gives a complete control over the server.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated servers, dedicated hosting service or managed hosting services are a type of physical server that is accessed only by the client and is not shared with anyone else. This will have a full control over the applications with more flexibility and reliability for businesses. With dedicated hosting solutions, it is perfect for advanced users or businesses who run high traffic websites, large applications or complex databases.

Our Insights:

By understanding your inputs, we select the perfect server for your business or to run complex applications, which includes choice of operating system, hardware, etc. Additionally, our learned team at dedicated server consultant Bangalore, divulge entire information to control over the root access and dedicated hardware without any resource restrictions.

We assist you in providing the following types of server managed support:

  • Includes monitoring.
  • Software updates.
  • Reboots.
  • Security patches.
  • Operating System Patches.
  • System Upgrades.
  • Maintenance.

Benefits and features:

Using a dedicated server hosting service provides you the resources of reliability and stability with high performance, secure features and control of an entire server. Relatively it is expensive and it is used by websites that receives high traffic volume.

We have enumerated some of the advantages:

High Performance: The performance of the dedicated server has the same reasons as reliability. Since, you are not sharing the system resources, the dedicated servers hosting keeps running faster and efficiently. System resources like processor, power, memory and disk space are only accessible by a single user, which keeps things running efficiently and faster as it needs to load many applications.

Greater Reliability: One of the biggest advantages in choosing dedicated server is that you will not be worrying about the server being slowed down. This will reduce the slow response time to crawl a website which does not affect the traffic coming to your website. Whereas in a shared server, you do not have a control over server-wide traffic, which has a threat to slow your website or even crashed by another site.

Great Security: All resources on the server are allocated to you with top level of security. As you are not sharing the server with any third party, nobody can access to your server or data loss. However, you can always opt for a higher degree of security from any virus threats and you can set up your own firewall as well.

Unlimited Usage: No limitation on usage of CPU, memory and bandwidth as you will be the only user to access your server.

Customisation: Dedicated server hosting allow customization options, installing new software or configuring the server for your specific needs. It also customises Firewall Run which gives your own access to control policy.

Privacy: A web hosting company with their service contract assures in providing excellent job in securing information. Dedicated servers will keep your data source secure and can compete with any physical segregation.

Upgrading: The storage size of the memory is more, the disk space or extra processors can be upgraded as the need of the time arises.

Vivanta Technologies is a leading Dedicated server consultant Bangalore, giving you end-to-end assistance with dedicated server hosting plans. Our experts are very well equipped with the best features and plans with more control and flexibility for your growing business.

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