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Email Hosting

When it comes to selecting and availing services for your company or business Email, Vivanta Technologies is the best Email hosting assistance company Bangalore which offers a host of email solutions for your varied needs. Keeping your business connected to the world, we provide assistance in email hosting options. Based on your requirements for etiquettes needs, we firmly believe in maintaining quality standards and high performance with advanced technologies.

Why should I go for Email hosting?

Vivanta Technologies offers flexible Email hosting solutions to the business as well as corporate world of all sizes with varied needs. This brings identity for your business and professional email collaborating your needs, specialized in bringing advanced hosting features and options. Giving an option to create an email id with your company's domain is a professional etiquette. This will advertise your domain whenever you use email.

Benefits of Email Hosting

Our email hosting assistance firm allows several features and benefits, making your business connected to the world.

  • Increase credibility and professional identification.
  • Creating your email account with company domain (for eg;
  • Secure and reliable email interface.
  • Backup, archiving & recovery.

Email Hosting features:

Our professional email hosting assistance firm provides you various options at a cost-effective level. Experiencing in crafting your needs and requirements, whether small business establishments or gigantic sectors, we assist you patronizing excellent features. Our key email hosting features include as follows:

  • Assist you in providing Email with uptime guarantee.
  • Secure web-based Email Interface.
  • Powerful anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing threats.
  • Shared contacts, personal calendar and address book.
  • Upgrading option to different plans.
  • IMAP/POP3, SMTP access for email clients.
  • Cloud based email address.
  • Leveraging performance, monitoring and reporting.
  • Provide 24/7 Customer Support service.

Our Email hosting assistance company offers an extensive choice in selecting pertinent packages, tailoring your business requirements.

Vivanta Technologies is a leading professional in web hosting assistance which provides numerous programs and features of entire web hosting solutions.

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