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Payment Gateway Integration

A Payment Gateway Integration services is an e-Commerce service, a process which allows payments for e-business, online retailers, online transactions and credit card transactions for the customers after placing an order. It is typically a payment process from various banks and other transaction applications. Vivanta Technologies offers Payment Gateway Integration Services for Website Portal Development.

In this era of Information Technology and e-Commerce world, it is necessary to have the online shopping cart by the owner of the website for the purchase of products or items by the customers to successfully run an online business. In this way, payment gateway service providers help in making online payments across the world. It facilitates the transfer of information between a portal and the front end processor.

How it works:

The entire process of process of payment gateway integration is simplified for the users by developers with secure protocol applications in making transactions much easier and faster.

  • It enables customers for making easier process of debit/credit cards on websites.
  • Our team of professional web developers uses a variety of technologies for the websites to integrate for online transactions.
  • Our programmers are very well acquainted with payment gateway integration and their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Our payment gateway integration Services include:

There are many payment options which are integrated in the portal for making online transactions for the purchase of products and items.

  • Paypal: It is just an easiest, fastest and safest way to make online payments, making transactions or creating Merchant account.
  • 2CheckOut: Accepting payments through online payments is a simplified process with merchant account helping to manage your business.
  • CC Avenue: it is a biggest Payment Gateway and Merchant account provider which enables you to make transactions of credit cards and debit cards for online payments.
  • EBS: EBS provides secure wide range of secure online payment options via credit card, debit card and Netbanking using a merchant account.
  • HDFC Bank: It allows you to give a complete payment transaction solution which secure payment options with robust features.
  • Citibank: Citibank allows you to give a gateway option for many payments which enables you to give a secure transaction.

And many more!

Our Features:

Vivanta Technologies have professional developers in implementing advanced features and supported applications to build a payment gateway portal which is widely used by B2B and B2C industry.

  • Customizing static and dynamic websites.
  • Shopping Cart Integration.
  • Robust and secure online transactions.
  • Online Tracking System.

As a leading Payment Gateway Provider, our team is skilled in orienting and integrating fascinating websites for online transactions in the business markets. Therefore, it is important to have payment gateway integration for mode of all online transactions for your web portal.

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