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After the invention of mobile, the short message service, commonly known as SMS is the most popular way of exchanging information. This way of transferring message through SMS is not only fast but it also helps in saving money spent on mobile talk time. With the advancement in the technology people today are so engrossed in other activities that thus they feel lazy, to type messages every time they wish to send the same information to various mobile terminals.

Bulk messaging service helps in sending the same typed information to a large number of mobile terminals. This saves a lot of time which was earlier spent in typing. Today the bulk SMS service is availed by many banks, media companies, and other business organizations. They use it to send alerts and reminders to customers and employees. Many business organizations also use the service as a part of their marketing strategy, to promote their brand. They send promotional SMS alerts in form of vouchers and discounts. Owners can also make their business popular among the local people by introducing their company and its services through SMS. Vivanta Technologies is the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider with primary focus on Real Estate, Education, Medical, BFSI, Travels, Matrimonials industries.

The bulk messaging system helps in reaching out to potential customers in seconds but have you ever thought how does it work?

Features of Bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore

Most of the bulk messaging service works on API standards which includes FTP, SMPP, HTTP, and Email.

  • FTP- When using file transfer protocol (FTP) customer need to store message in a text file and upload it to the FTP server. The message will automatically be handed over to the recipient and an email status is sent to the customer via ViaNett system. You can send premium message, bulk message and MMS message through FTP.
  • SMPP- Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) is a must faster way of sending bulk sms because the message here hits the SMS centre and then it is delivered to the recipients. You can also receive delivery report one by one for the entire sent messages.
  • Email and HTTP-You can send message via Email by simply opening a Bulk SMS account. The registration just takes a few minutes and the cost depends on which country you are sending the message to. Once the account is opened you can login, click on the SMS setting, select the option, write the recipients address, type the message and click on send. If you are stuck while using, no worries, user support is available at no extra cost. Customer support executives appointed by the service providers will answer all your queries either through telephonic conversation or through email.

There are many Bulk SMS gateway providers, so whenever you plan to opt their services make sure to do some research. You must keep in mind that hiring their service needs an investment thus, select the one which can fulfil your requirement.

Today with the increase in the usage of high end phone, it has become easier for business owners to send message from different multimedia options. But you must keep in mind that not all Bulk SMS service provider allow to send a wide range of multimedia messages. Thus while selecting the service provider make sure that they allow you send different type of messages to all kinds of phones.

Here are a few tips that you must know before hiring SMS gateway providers.

  • Analyse and understand the requirement of such service for your business. For example if you are dealing with some consumer product which is usually in high demand during the festive season then research and select the service provider that suits your need and start availing their services a month or 15 days before. Planning to introduce a product at the beginning of festive season? You can send promotional SMS to the potential customers, but if you start sending beforehand, say 2-3 months before, there is a high chance that the customers will forget about the SMS and never come back to your store. Thus, timing is the first and most important thing that you must keep in mind before hiring this type of service.
  • While selecting Bulk SMS service, providers look for the one who has a market name. There are providers who have branches in different countries and states but that alone will not help. The leading and renowned Bulk SMS service provider will help you reach out to the potential customers in a hassle free manner. They will also help you in getting connected with the existing clients.
  • You can send SMS in any language, but the system has one drawback. It can carry only a limited number of words. If the message contains more than 160 characters then the system breaks it down and sends it to the receiver mobile. The receiver phone then combines the different parts of the message into one.
  • If the recipient mobile is switched off then the message sent is saved in the SMS center for a period of time, known as validity period. Once the period is over the message is deleted from the center and thus it will not be forwarded to the recipient.
  • You can also receive a delivery report from the provider to know if your message has reached the recipient.
  • Along with global coverage, you can send SMS from API or SMPP protocols and online SMS gateway.
  • You can send more than a hundred messages per second.
  • There are many Bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore and in all cities. Due to huge competition they tend to offer better prices. Moreover they also keep them equipped with the modern system. So, instead of an overloaded provider you can select one that offers good pricing with better service.
  • While doing a research make sure to ask about the routing charge. Many Bulk SMS service provider offer different SMS charges for different network. Select the one with least routing charge. Make sure to read their guideline and know all the rules and regulations.
  • Many bulk SMS service providers give the software on proprietary basis. This is done to make sure that their customers do not switch over to other service providers who offer the same service at relatively a low cost.
  • Ask your service provider to provide you with a statement containing the details of all incoming and outgoing traffic. This will enable you to check the bill sent by the provider for payment.

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