Video Streaming Website Development Services

Video Streaming Website Development Services

Developing a website that is capable of streaming video is more complex than creating a static HTML website. It requires careful planning and hands-on experience. That's where Vivanta Technologies can help. Ever since the inception of video streaming websites, we have pioneered the development. We have helped numerous global and local clients attract traffic to their websites and make great profits from video content with our website development services.

Why choose Vivanta Technologies for Video Streaming Website Development

We maintain transparent communication:

From the initial stage of development to implementation to delivery, we follow a transparent communication process with you. We will work closely with you to achieve your business objectives for the website we develop for you.

We put more time into research, reflection, and investigation:

We ensure that we understand the business objectives of the project clearly. We spend more time on research, reflection, and investigation to ensure results.

You gain the advantage of our experience:

We have been in the industry ever since the evolution of the video streaming. We keep ourselves updated with current trends and recommend them proactively to our clients. Our experience is the industry sets up apart.


We understand the industry well and know that you will need changes, upgrades, and tweaks. We understand that your end purpose and work in alignment to help you achieve the goals.


Clients are our top priority. We dedicate a client servicing manager for your project and ensure that we are available to answer questions you may have.

Fast build turnaround:

We understand the importance of speed. It helps to see the result faster. It enhances code quality and productivity. Our build systems are well tuned to maintain rapid iterations.

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If you are planning a video streaming website for your business, the following will help you make informed decisions.

  • What are the business opportunities of video streaming websites?
  • What is Video streaming website development service?
  • What devices can your audience use to access your videos?
  • What features can be enabled on a video streaming website?
  • In what situations can video streaming be used?
  • What the Business advantages of video streaming websites?
  • Some facts about video streaming

The Business Opportunities of video streaming website

The consumers' appetite for streaming videos is growing exponentially. More and more consumers prefer to watch videos rather than read. There is a large door of opportunity for businesses that use video streaming to reach target audiences. A video streaming website helps you take your business to heights.

It lets your Company reach large audience base around the world, improve exposure, and achieve your business objectives.

What is Video streaming website development service?

Video stream website development services enable you to give your audience access to your video programs. It lets your audience have full control over when to start, pause, fast-forward, rewind and stop programs. You can update videos regularly.

What devices can your audience use to access your videos?

Your audience can access your videos using a computer, tablet or smartphone. It can even be enabled on a Television or digital media player. You

What features can be enabled on a video streaming website?

  • Use the streaming feature on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • On-demand videos
  • Select different channels
  • Search videos, control video playback—pause, rewind, or fast forward. Watch one or all of the videos in a collection.
  • Play one program or an entire collection.
  • Change settings for computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Select preferred video resolution, enable or disable video subtitles, Select preferred streaming channel.
  • Quickly find videos and programs
  • Deliver programmed content
  • Select preferred video resolution
  • Enable or disable video subtitles
  • Select preferred channels

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What are the business advantages of video streaming websites?

It builds trust and transparency:

A video streaming website helps to magnify your Company's transparency to audiences and those outside your consumer base.It builds credibility, enhances the positive impression of your brand.

It engages your audience:

By integrating social media into your video streaming website, you can get feedback from customers, and fans through likes, favorites, and comments. Engagement leads them to gain a top of the mind recall of your brand.

It can be shared easily:

By integrating share buttons into your website, your videos can be easily shared on social media channels. Users can even email the link to others.

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Use videos for various situations:

  • Customer service
  • Updates, announcements, or demonstrations
  • Live events
  • Behind the scenes or inside stories

Some facts about video streaming:

  • 67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a live video of that event or a similar one.
  • Live video is more appealing to brand audiences. 80% would rather watch a video from a brand than read a blog.
  • 80% prefer a video from a brand to social posts.

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