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The customer's needs and wants are almost endless and their expectations keep on increasing. Do not get bothered about demanding customers as Vivanta Technologies can arm you with the right enterprise solution for your business by developing the right kind of Android Application for you that can make your customers happy and help you to grow your business. As a leading Android Apps Development Company, we can equip you with multi tasking software solutions that will increase the process efficiencies and reduce the turnaround time of your business thereby putting it in the fast track of growth. We design the Android apps to exploit the characteristics and functionalities of the robust platform to the fullest which will enable you to use the app in adding value to your business process that would translate into better return on investment.

At Vivanta Technologies, we promote cost effective Android apps development with a view to make the technology available to all so that its numerous features can be used to the fullest in deriving business benefits. Regardless of the business size, the apps can be tailored to meet the requirements of small, medium and big business houses with the same degree of reliability and effectiveness. Our Android apps development services ensure that your app is optimized for look, performance, speed and feel on Android driven devices from KitKat to Ice cream Sandwich.

Experience is very important and you must always check if the company or the professional you plan to hire has enough experience in the field of app development and its marketing. Marketing is another very important area because just by having an android app you cannot achieve success. You can be a winner only when people use it. Ask for some portfolio screen-shots of some work done in the past.

Our capabilities

For design, development, testing and deployment of Android Apps, we have the most experienced team of Android developers. Our expertise can be felt in:

  • Software development kit for Android.
  • Location based service APIs.
  • Android media APIs.
  • 3D Graphics.
  • Open GL.
  • Android Security Architecture.
  • Wi Fi APIs.

Not limiting to the above, we are conversant with all other technologies that go into the making of high quality Android apps.

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Our services as Android apps development company

As a Android apps development company we provide end to end services in developing Android apps for you. It means we will hold your hand and go along with you right from the time we conceptualize your idea and give it shape to become technology compliant, developing and testing the app, deploying it and till the time you go the market. During the process of development, our team will be in constant touch with you and keep you abreast of the happenings on a day to day basis.

Native Apps

We have been building beautiful, rich and scalable native apps ever since the open source platform has been made available. Taking the fullest advantage of the operating systems, our apps can make the end user experience seamless, speedy and result oriented performance that integrates with your business objectives.

We are committed to create applications that benefit customers by realizing their business goals for which the apps are intended. We maintain complete transparency in the process of development and should there be any reason of dissatisfaction, we will address the issue to make it fool proof for you.

Call on us to understand how best you can utilize our services. We shall revert back with a no obligatory quote at the soonest.

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Invention of Smartphone

Since the invention of Smartphone and tablets a trend of growth has been seen in the industry. Most of the people today find it handy for browsing. For the success of business it is important that the business owners cater to mobile users. Here comes the necessity of Android apps development and you might need an experts help to develop one for your business. There are many android apps development company in Bangalore and you can collect information about them online. You must be very careful while selecting an app development partner for your company. Here are some tips to help you select one.

1. Firstly, browse through the web and collect the names of different android apps development company Bangalore. Once the list is done, you can look at the service they provide and then cut it short by eliminating a few companies that you feel does not match your need.

2. Experience is very important and you must always check if the company or the professional you plan to hire has enough experience in the field of app development and its marketing. Marketing is another very important area because just by having an android app you cannot achieve success. You can be a winner only when people use it. Ask for some portfolio screenshots of some work done in the past.

3. The app that the professional develops for you must be appealing and user friendly. The more it is easy to navigate, the more it will have repeat views. Ask the professional to explain how your app will look. With knowledge and creativity he/she must be able to tell you the concept of your app so that you can visualize on how it will look like when launched. After knowing about your company and services, the professional must be able to understand the niche you wish to target and then design accordingly.

4. Just developing an app and launching it to the targeted niche is not the end of the job. Before you appoint a company for the services make sure that they are able to provide you with the right technical assistance, which means fixing issues as and when needed, providing regular updates and support to the users. Instead of appointing a professional who will take care of all the areas you can appoint a company where there are separate team for designing, technical support, and development.

5. While selecting company for app development you must also check if they can port android app to other platforms like windows and iphone. This will provide better coverage to the market and will surely bring success. If the professional working under the company are experienced and are updated with the modern technological knowledge then they will be able to place your app at a better position in various platforms so that it is more visible to users.

6. Marketing is the key to success and this will help you in generating revenue. Before hiring the company for services check if they will help you in marketing your app.

It is time to turn to your iPad after you have satisfied yourself with all the mobile apps that you are keen on. It is indeed a tall order to find the very best iPad application development company in Bangalore. But not when you have Vivanta Technologies at your service. It is capable of developing a variety of apps for you with a no-fuss rollout. The best part, of course, is its polished and sophisticated designs that are perfectly attuned to the iOS features. The native apps customized specifically for your iPad comes with cutting edge technology thus enabling you to connect with your target audience successfully.