High-performance MVC-based PHP framework for developing

MVC Architecture Web Development

Model View Controller Architecture has become a most powerful software design pattern to develop World Wide Web Applications.

It is described into three components:


It is a pattern which is responsible for maintaining the data. The Model is where data of the application domain, responds to the request from the view and respond to the instructions from the controller to update.


The View manages the display of all the data to the user. It often collects the data from the users. The view is made of templates like HTML, CSS, and PHP which is flexible in AJAX technology.


The Controller interprets the Model and the View, using the Software code. The controller updates and manipulate data based on the inputs.

Features of the MVC Architecture in Web applications:

Use in Web platforms that uses HTML.

Designing and developing Web applications using PHP frameworks like Laravel, Cake PHP and Codeigniter.

MVC is a design pattern which separates user-interface from application logic. We've a professional team in creating a user friendly web applications with the purpose of static and dynamic website.

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