Virtualized Infrastructure and Converged Virtualization Infrastructure

What is converge virtualization infrastructure?

Take your business to the next level by adopting advanced Virtualized Infrastructure and Converged Virtualization Infrastructure solution.

Converge virtualization infrastructure is a concept where pre-configured bundle of hardware, necessary for datacenter management is offered by a third-party vendor or its partners in a single chassis. It is one of the newest concepts of efficient datacenter management. The process allows user to host datacenter away from their local hosting destination and thus improve cost effectiveness of IT management.

Corporate, especially those relying heavily on technology or are budget strapped for IT,can immensely benefit from CI (Converge Infrastructure)as they can reduce cost from cabling, power consumption, cooling and space involvement. Small scale industries specifically are ideal candidates for hosted solutions. Some vendors are further combining their virtualization infrastructure with CI to create out-of-the-box IT solution called Hyper-converged infrastructure where Hyper stands for hypervisor.

Vivanta Technologies offers CI solution

Vivanta Technologies is a Bangalore based web designing, developing and hosting solution provider catering to wide range of technological needs of industries from different verticals. Over the years we have branched out to offer the latest technological solutions in datacenter management, hosting and cloud hosting services to our dispersed clientele comprising both large corporate and small scale, budding industries. Vivanta has built a team that will help you map your footsteps in cloud environment and help you build more efficient IT management strategy. We offer datacenter hosting, managing, databackup and private cloud solution for sensitive corporate data.

USPs of Virtualized Infrastructure and Converged Virtualization Infrastructure Solutions from Vivanta Technologies

Vivanta has carved itself a niche in offering datacenter hosting solution.Following are the USPs of our service.

  • Technological excellence along with professional support from the best skilled force in the industry.
  • Proven track record in offering state-of-art technical solution in all segments of enterprise IT service.
  • Diverse expertise which can make Vivanta Technologies your one-stop-shop for all business IT requirements.
  • Quicker turnaround time and reporting and auditing solutions to always keep you ahead of your competitors.
  • Customized solutions according to your complex business needs.
  • Flexibility to adjust to your changing business demands with expandable IT infrastructure capacity without adding to your expenses.
  • Easy payment solutions and competitive rates that require you to pay only for the services consumed.
  • Streamline your IT expenses by reducing overhead and operational expenses, free up capital and resources for more important tasks by using converged virtualization infrastructure of Vivanta.
  • Round the clock monitoring support for early detection of error or data pilferage to prevent data and business loss.
  • Robust backup solution and resilient infrastructure that reduces downtime issues.

We are one of the most sought after Virtualized Infrastructure and Converged Virtualization Infrastructure services company Bangalore offering complete enterprise IT solutions across industry verticals. Vivanta Technologies has carved itself a niche in the market as a tailor-made solution provider for enterprise IT requirement helping them with a smooth transition from traditional IT setup to advanced virtualized environment.

Contact us today to let us help you improve your business scopes by improving your business reach and reducing cost on IT expenses using Virtualized Infrastructure and Converged Virtualization Infrastructure.

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