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Give your marketing a serious boost with short code SMS service. Short code SMSs allow your customers to respond back to you faster. If you are not already aware of what short code SMS are then these are short phone numbers used in sending SMS or MMS from certain service providers. These are comparatively easier to remember than normal long phone numbers and therefore are widely used in marketing purposes, such as – registering for value added services, television/radio voting etc. An increasing number of merchants are using short code SMS service as a marketing tool to increase their sales.

If you are wondering where to get short code SMS service around you, Vivanta Technologies can become your trusted partner. We are a Bangalore based firm with expertise in providing complete IT solution to businesses. We have constantly strived to improve our portfolio of services to include advanced technological solutions that will put our partners ahead of their competitors. Our umbrella service comprises of web portal development, digital marketing and web services. Considering the need of the moment, we have also introduced short code SMS service solution for businesses. The intention is to allow our clients to avail state-of-art technological support in promoting their products and services. Here is why you must consider Vivanta Technologies as your Short code SMS service provider in Bangalore.


  • Your trusted IT solution provider. We are capable of taking up any challenge to provide you with the best IT solution to compete in international arena.
  • Short code SMS services help your business to reach out to your customers faster.
  • It's a important part of your marketing plan, we provide you with the right technology and infrastructure to carry out your big dreams without interruption.
  • Receive our premium solution at competitive rate and gain an edge over competitors without compromising on service quality.
  • We take care of complications and procedural hassles with service provider leaving you to concentrate on more important issues like focusing on your future business plans.
  • We promise you of a SMS service that will convert - resulting in more customers for your business.
  • With a professional team of developers, designers and marketers you can be assured of receiving unparalleled support solution.
  • We base our services on timely, periodical reporting so that you can always track your progress.
  • Lastly, we are the most eminent Short code SMS service provider in Bangalore with right kind of expertise and experience required to get your business international recognition.

Mobile messaging has twice as much conversion rate over the conventional forms of e-mail marketing. It is fast and quick and also easy to remember. Short code SMSs are more successful when you are trying to reach to more people at a time. Broadcast your message through short codes and reach out to larger customer base and engage them to increase your business volume.

Vivanta Technologies has gained prominence over the years as a complete IT solution provider for different market verticals. We would be happy to discuss your business proposal. Contact us today to receive quote online or to discuss your options.

Also a Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bangalore and Digital Marketing Company to grow your business.

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