Know about Linux hosting

Linux is believed to be the king of the web hosting industry. This form of hosting covers million flavors of Unix and Linux variants like FreeBSD.

Linux provides various advantages over Windows such as:

Price: The best part about Linux hosting is that it comes for free. This makes it a much cheaper option when compared to Windows. What makes Linux all the more popular is that it comes with a diverse scripting language support! Whether you require Perl, Ruby on Rails, PHP or Python, you can count on a Linux web host with closed eyes.

Why many people don't prefer the idea of going for Linux?

Most people avoid choosing Linux web hosting for the simple reason that it doesn't support .NET or ASP.

Getting Introduced to Windows hosting

There are many individuals think that they should get Windows hosting simply because their operating system is Windows. But then, this is certainly a false concept. In other words, a Windows server and Windows desktop are poles apart and majority of the interaction with the web server will be via FTP or an online interface. Unlike Linux hosting, this form of hosting system is able run ASP or .NET scripts. These languages may be extremely powerful and with every passing day are gaining importance. However, windows hosting platform too have their disadvantages which include:

When it comes to popularity, Linux hosting platform surpasses all. Moreover, windows hosting services are pretty expensive when compared to Linux counterparts.

Windows vs. Linux hosting: What is common in them?

Well, till date you may have heard about the vast differences between the two forms of hosting platforms. But then, have you ever wondered about the common traits among these hosting platforms. Well, some of the common traits that you will find in Linux as well as Windows are as follows:

  • Performance- For hosting platforms like Windows and Linux, the efficiency and the speed show remarkable results when managed by an experienced administrator.
  • Stability- It is true that windows web host solutions were unstable formerly, but then today the stability between a Linux and Windows server is negligible.
  • Ability to host static pages- Both Linux and Windows platforms are efficient in hosting static HTML file.
  • Simple to use-Most interaction with the web hosting system are through FTP or the control panel of the server. This makes your working all the more simpler.

Now, whether you should use Linux hosting or Windows hosting, is entirely your decision based on your requirement. For instance, if you need .NET or ASP, then there can be no better option than Windows. On the other hand, if you can do without these, then Linux hosting server certainly makes a good choice.

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