SEO Link Building - Is really RIP?

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Link Buildings are the secret ingredients in SEO to secure your website in top-position on search engine pages. It's like a tie-breaker when search engines find it difficult to optimize websites and give ranks. Surely, link-building is dead, but for bad practice or Black-Hat techniques as Google will disallow low-quality or bad links. So BEWARE of low-quality or Black-Hat techniques!

Target for High PR Sites

Targeting high-PR sites is the best practice and it is one of the ways to generate your website through backlinks. Google will consider high page rank backlinks and will optimize the results faster.

SEO Link Building - Is really RIP?

High-quality content will always have a priority for Press Release Submission. Content writing has a different style, expression and format for various content writing. For example; if you are a Blog writer then, blog writing has its own way of style and communicating to the audience. Therefore, Press Release writing has a different style, format and well-structured following editorial guidelines to target news-related articles. Google has disregarded those websites which posts low-quality contents.

In the post-Penguin update, Google has clearly stated that stay away from paid links as Google has not found these types of links. Another important thing is that reciprocal-links or link exchanges are popular over the year. It is a link exchange between two sources. However, this was abused and no longer provides any added value to SEO (even though it may have slight referral value click-through traffic).

Algorithm Highlights:

Google has come up with great innovative ideas to improve SEO strategy. Google has witnessed a lot updates over-and-over again and algorithms were frequently upgraded to target websites with low quality and to filter the best links for optimization.

Panda: Panda update was one of the most frequent updates that was being released to target low-quality and thin sites.

Penguin: A series of Penguin updates were rolled out over the year targeting over optimization of the website.

Hummingbird: Google launched a new algorithm; Hummingbird which was a dramatic change and was designed to focus on conversational search and webmasters to deliver search results. It is a completely new system which adapted some features of the old algorithm integrating with the most advanced and new features. This will benefit users to search easily with relevant search results.

Hard to find the most relevant category

Another important change that Google should be taking care of it is relevant category in Off-Page directory websites. Some of the Off-Page SEO expertise finds it difficult to choose the most relevant category and compromise on slightly relevant category - which is sometime far beyond from the specific category. Certainly, it is the one of the most cumbersome tasks in choosing the right category for certain services.

For instance, some of the high page rank directory links do not have a specific category to post therefore, SEO experts will land-up in ignoring those links which have less-relevancy. Indeed, there are excessive specializations, businesses and categories which are profusely flaring-up in inbound links, but if there is a relevant category then, it help SEO professionals.

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