Responsive Designs - Is it indeed a waste of time & energy?


Responsive design is nothing but a page of the URL site that works extremely fine by accessing through a PC, a laptop or mobile device. A site that completely works with both computer browsers as well as mobile browsers has greater leveraging benefits for the users.

Strategies are changing with the change in technology that suggests the best for user experience. As the user switches from the desktop to any Smartphone device, the website should perfectly fit the screen of the handset, image size and scripting technicalities. In simple terms, the website should have the technology that is compatible for both desktop as well as multiple handset devices.

Responsive Designs - Is it indeed a waste of time & energy?

Compatible with multiple handsets? - A developer's tricky challenge

How does the screen fit for multiple Smartphones or tablets? This seems to be a developer's job which is tricky during the course of development. During the process of development, responsive web design content is tested across various multiple devices to determine sizes, widths, resolutions from minimum to maximum triggering a desktop, tablet or a Smartphone specific layout resolution.

In responsive design, HTML is used in every device, whereas, CSS code determines the layout of the page - to determine the size of the page and adjust accordingly.

A complete e-Commerce benefit

It is clear that e-Commerce on mobile devices is gaining momentously as consumers are choosing to purchase online and most of the sales are happening via mobile devices. According to surveys, 40% - 50% sales are happening from mobile devices.

Power of Responsive Designs - A SEO approach

Responsive design is widely benefited for SEO to build traffic and to gain popularity of your business. Shifting to responsive designs is a smart and diligent way of SEO technique as there might be issues related to creating mobile version websites. Google recommends responsive designs as having one URL for each page across all the devices, making it easier to crawl website faster and also reduces the page loading time.

It is proven fact that mobile phones, especially Smartphones and tablet users have leveraged their businesses by interacting with the web. This has drastically changed the trend of business by taking advantage of new technology applications which are emerging day-by-day.

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