A brief background of PHP

Although it is originally a server-side scripting language, it is largely used as general-purpose programming language for web development. It is a free software and its codes are available to developers for developing, modifying and distributing. Currently PHP is being used in over 244 million websites.

PHP vs Python

A brief about Python

Python is high-level programming language that is created to do away with complex syntax and codes of C group of language. Developers can express concepts with fewer lines of codes in Python. Python amalgamate with wide range of programming paradigms namely - object-oriented, imperative and functional programming. It is also used or scripting and as well as for a large variety of non-scripting purposes. Python codes can be packaged to operate as standalone executable program.

Python is deemed most readable programming language and great for beginners because of simplicity of syntaxes.

Similarities between PHP and Python

  • Both are free and backed by large community of developers.
  • Both are easier to learn compared to C++ or Pearl.
  • Easy to extend to C, C++ and Java
  • Supports object oriented programming.
  • Portable and run on any platform without requiring any recompilation.

Both are designed to be highly useful to developers. Simple language programming that can be used in developing wide variety of websites and applications.

Choosing a programming language is highly influenced by the project requirements or ultimate goals of the project. And yet, there is a slight preference towards using PHP language; just over 6%, compared to other programming language including Python.

The war: PHP vs Python

Many developers have argued that PHP is more fun to work with. They perhaps have personal favorites regarding why they have chosen PHP over others but most have agreed that it is easier to work with and fun mostly because of it close connection to C++. For developers with C language background PHP is easier to apprehend and implement.

PHP has become the lingua franca of programming languages; meaning that any new programming language will offer support to PHP. The basic advantage offered by PHP over Python is with the 'switch' statement and 'do ... while' construct.

The argument isn't over

Python is preferred by many developers for being well structured with a defined framework, which makes it easier for developers to build software without going into the length of writing blocks of codes.

It is true that Python has never experienced the popularity of PHP and number of developers using the language is also rare but it often works better in designing structured web programs.

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