This is where optimization process comes in and although there is no single method, trick or strategies to be followed, these are some of the steps that can be used to make the website more appealing to the search engines:

Including meta tags and title tags

The search engines still use meta keyword, meta description and title tags to catalog and help rank the websites. This is the reason, that it is extremely important to write the title tag for each of the page that will help in identifying the website content. The meta keyword will also be used to be crawled by the search engine bots. This means that the search engine bots actually help the website content to be found by these bots and therefore it is extremely important that these be used.

Placing keywords smartly

The next thing to do is to use keywords in the content. However, remember that keyword spamming is absolute no-no. The algos of the search engines keep changing, and the recent one states that the keywords are placed smartly, weaving it through the content. Sometimes, it is all about being relevant and avoiding fluff and therefore, be smart and use keywords accordingly.

However, before doing this, there is the need for keyword research and find the ones that are relevant to the content. Competition of the keyword should be checked as higher the demand of the keyword, the more difficult it is placed among the search engine results. However, once the keyword has been placed, there will be genuine traffic that will be generated.

Primary keywords be placed as H1 header tag

The next step is to use the selected primary keywords as H1 header tags near the top of the page. The search engine Google has always given preference to the text that are located within the header tags. It is also important to simultaneously include some H2 tags because those are counted as well.

Providing enough content

It is important that the content be regulated as much as possible. It should be dynamic in the sense, that the content is updated according to the algorithm changes of the website. When fresh content is updated, the search engines know that the content is more relevant to the search query and therefore has the more possibility of being ranked in the search engines. This is one of the most time consuming process, as each new content will require new set of keywords. The results make the process worth it.

Building backlinks

Lastly, it is important that genuine backlinks are build and this can be achieved with the help of content marketing and social media marketing. The more the genuine links, the better will be the page rank of the page. Stay away from all fake and spam methods, as Google believes in delivering only genuine solution and any website otherwise, suffers permanently.

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