Choosing The Perfect Framework

These features include role management, data access, caching and much more. The platforms help in focusing on the more important details of the design and project management by deleting the need for new development tools. The market place is filled with specific platforms that cover the specific area of the application development like JavaScript/CSS frameworks that ensure the view layer of the application is adept.Then there are others that take care of the other dynamic aspects of the applications.

Before diving into the applications, it is imperative to grasp the fundamental concepts of the web applications, especially the model-view-controller architecture.

It is typical for most of web applications, and the criteria for choosing the correct framework:

Popularity and community size

The more well-known and recognized the platform, the more robust, dynamic and evolving community which can be referred to when there is a need of new ideas, quality of plug ins and solving of any other problem.

Philosophy of the platform

The essence of the framework is extremely important, as it is the fundamental feature that will ensure the platform will need all the needs of the application developer. Professionals develop most of the platforms and therefore, they are adept in solving most other problems.

Sustainability of the application

Before deciding on the framework, the platform should be able to keep up with the duration of the development.This makes the maintenance and upgrading process easier.


Another important part of framework would be its support system which can be easily identified from the Internet literature available.

Security of the framework

One of the most important factors is the security of the framework, as any kind of data leakage will pose potential risk to both the development and the application.

Inherent techniques

To ensure that the developers are not trapped in labyrinth of the framework, it is important to choose one with a user friendly interface. Also, the framework chosen should respect the best practices in terms of developing the application.


When choosing the framework, it is always best to choose the well documented one as it helps in easy upgradation and solving of the problems. It is extremely important that the framework chosen is appropriate for the development of the software application.

Lastly, when choosing the framework, one can always ask fellow developers for their advice on the developing of such applications on the framework. Since they are aware of the tools and the features, they provide accurate analysis of platform. Also this will mean a larger community, and the larger the community, help comes faster.Frameworks come in all shapes and varieties, and one can chose from them and develop the software application accordingly.

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