Advantages of using framework

Often the two terms 'framework' and 'code libraries' are used simultaneously. But they are different in terms of 'inversion of control.' For one using library, knowledge of using specific code and methods to achieve one's goal is important. But with framework one implements objects and methods specific to software.

Advantages of using framework

Whether or not to use framework for developing software depends on the objective of achieving the end goal. Depending on what and how one intends to reach to the target will decide about chosen course of action. But using framework has both advantages and some disadvantages which should also factor in the decision making phase.


  • When the basic code structure is already developed it takes little time in building new software from it. It saves time in building an application from scratch and therefore, improves efficiency.
  • Since it minimizes time invested in building basic codes it saves time and overhead associated with developing the application. Most popular frameworks are available for free. It helps in reducing time in development and deployment.
  • Normally popular frameworks are supported by large community of developers and therefore, are of high-quality and secured. If a security concern is registered it is normally taken care of promptly. Large and popular frameworks come with support documents and teams and are also backed by large communities often.

Disadvantages of framework

  • On the downside however, it limits developer's ability to modify codes. One learns the framework and not the language. Using framework only helps with designing software better but has nothing to do with the programming language.
  • Every framework has limitations. The core structure of a framework can't be modified. One can only build an application that adheres to the limitations of a framework. It makes it important to choose a framework that suits one's requirements.
  • But perhaps the greatest challenge faced by developers using framework is that it is available to all and therefore also to those who can use it for wrong intension to find flaws and weaknesses in the framework.

When enterprises need new software urgently, using framework helps in designing and delivering applications faster. It reduces total time consumed in developing software. Writing thousands of lines of codes can be avoided when a ready-made structure is used.

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