8 Things You Misunderstood About jQuery


Most observe it as a well writing JavaScript library and not a separate scripting language. It is concise and well compiled to help developers with rapid web development. Even when it is extensively used there are many factors that are yet not known or misunderstood about jQuery and in this article we have discussed about them.

  • JQuery helps developers to build complex UI using very little code and thus improves his efficiency level. JQuery is a powerful library and in several ways, improvement over available JavaScripting codes. Yet many of its powerful features are underutilized or not exploited to their full potential.
  • $() is a multipurpose code in jQuery used for various numbers actions. As with $(document) and ready(), these comments are used to run a particular function when a document is ready. But one can simply avoid writing these codes and replace with $() for same purpose.
  • One can use bind() instead of click() and change() for registering event handlers within a document. Bind also allows developers to add namespace while introducing an event handler. Using it you can create group of handlers which makes it easier to de-register particular event at a later stage.
  • JQuery makes creating simple animation within pages easy. Using FadeIn() you can define simple animation functions. The queue property of JQuery allows one to define a position of an animation action in the line-up. One can introduce false command to disable the entire animation queue.
  • Many people believe JQuery to be JavaScript. But it's not true. JavaScript is nothing but a technology. JQuery creates a unified library of JavaScript codes and applies standardization to it across browsers. To use JQuery one must follow standards.
  • JQuery doesn't need special technology or server end configuration to run. It is like plug and play and runs on any browser without hitches.
  • One common complaint about JQuery is it uses too much overhead. It is however true to some extent. A substantial amount of memory, bandwidth, and processor power is consumed in running JQuery or downloading the library. But it also holds true for any JavaScript program ever written.
  • Comparing to other scripting languages, JQuery has more defined standards of rules and APIs. In fact, same code can be used for myriad types of browser without any need of hacking or tweaking.

Despite all misunderstanding JQuery has proved to be a great tool in enhancing performance of developers. One can use its comprehensive library for developing a wide range of function for website to create dynamic, responsive web pages.JQuery was a conscious effort to standardize Java Scripting to facilitate multi-layer development.

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