20 things you must know about JS


JS scripting helps improving function and features of a webpage to make it more interactive. Widely used for designing functions like forms, dropdown menus, converters, calculators and fields in a webpage JavaScripting is now commonly used by developers and designers.

JS is far from being dead. Even with the introduction of HTML5, JavaScript is still widely used in designing web pages and creating functionalities within them. Here is a list of twenty things that you can do with using the scripting language.

  • A client-side scripting language that is now widely used as a common programming language
  • The language is supportive to multi-paradigm - supporting object oriented, imperative and functional programming style.
  • Easy to learn and understand. Though not a simple language for a beginner but for one with knowledge of programming, learning JavaScript is easy.
  • It is easy to implement on a webpage. The code can be easily embedded in HTML language with instruction to the browser to recognize the JavaScript.
  • It has introduced dynamic functioning to web pages to create interactive websites.
  • Using it one can create highly responsive interfaces to improve overall user experience
  • JavaScript establishes connection with the server side to fetch functionalities without interrupting user-end page views. It can fetch functions whenever required without reloading the entire page. The result is improved user experience and faster web browsing.
  • Principles of unobtrusive JavaScript actually test capacities of a web browser and act accordingly. This phenomenon is called defensive scripting.
  • JavaScript is also commonly used in fixing errors in CSS file. It patches holes and fixes browser problems and adjusts page views according to the limitations of the browser.
  • The developer can actually check which version of JavaScript is supported by a browser.
  • Many complex functions can be built easily using the scripting language like - converting decimal to hex and octals.
  • Developers can use JavaScript to create different functionalities in webpage.
  • Scripting is used in creating loads of calculators and converters.
  • Unlike other popular object oriented programming language, JavaScript uses prototype against classes for inheritance but many class based functionalities can be evoked using the prototype.
  • It is easy to turn on JavaScript in a browser. Most new and advanced browsers support JavaScripts.
  • It supports complex user interfaces and in comparison to using Flash for building user interfaces JavaScript makes the process faster, simpler and more user friendly.
  • Advanced functions like - search suggestions, user name checking, can be done using the scripting language.
  • JavaScript makes HTML more dynamic and enhances its functionalities.
  • Developers are using it to create animated web pages and to fix layout issues on CSS files.

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