PHP development begun in 1994, when Rasmus Lerdorf wrote some common gateway scripting that he used in managing his homepage. For that reason PHP was called "Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter". It was later changed to PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

20 best things about PHP

Why is PHP popular?

Many reasons have attributed to the popularity of PHP. There is a large community of developers who work and have specialized in PHP programming language. Large and small businesses alike use PHP for the flexibility and advantages offered by it. Here are twenty reasons why PHP programming wouldn't die in anytime soon.

  • First off, it is open-source which means there is no licensing cost or initial investment involved in it. Enterprises, especially small businesses, prefer open-source technology for the factor that it allows them to lower their IT expenses significantly.
  • PHP wasn't developed as a new language. Rather, it was developed with the objective to make programming easier for developers and to make it more compact to allow programmers to avoid writing series of complex codes.
  • It is easier for developers with knowledge of C++ to learn and implement PHP as it is often an extension of C commands.
  • PHP is extensible to wide paradigm - is object oriented, functional, imperative, procedural and reflective.
  • Like other open-source languages, it doesn't require frequent updates and can run on old infrastructure.
  • It causes less effort to develop sites using PHP. The codes are easy to modify which means better control on website content.
  • The source code is available to users/developers to learn, modify and redistribute for their purposes. It depends on community created content.
  • As an advantage solely available to open-source programming, PHP is backed and supported by a large community of developers spread across the globe.
  • PHP promises of high-quality applications as the thriving developer's community is constantly enriching the code library.
  • It is more secured and errors and bugs are reported and resolved promptly.
  • PHP can be deployed to any operating system and platform easily and without cost.
  • PHP is integrated with MYSQ server, which is also available for free. Besides, it is also supported by other DBMS such as - Oracle, Sybase etc.
  • PHP is popular with developers because of easy readability. It is the least complicated language and is easy to learn for beginners as well.
  • Enterprises of any size with limited budget and resource can build a series of advanced level applications using PHP programming.
  • Websites developed using PHP are dynamic, feature and content rich.
  • PHP is portable and can be embedded easily into HTML and JavaScript. There is no requirement of calling a file from outside.
  • Off-the-shelf extensions make easy deployment.
  • Interoperable and portable. PHP can be used on any operating system.
  • PHP is used to build both static and dynamic websites.
  • PHP is secured and constantly updated with regular releases of latest versions.

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