10 Things I Learned From Sony Mobiles


Superior Auto mode that maximizes the contribution for the camera:The camera can be configured to detect more than 36 different scene types and all this is done without any delay in the shooting experience.The Superior Auto feature allows the camera modes to adjust and select the best one for that particular condition by internally tweaking the internal settings by using smart algorithms that will enable the user to catch their desired image easily and seamlessly. Therefore, the Superior Auto mode actually provides the smartphone with a stable "nigh't landscape" once it recognizes the conditions and sets it with slow shutter speed so that there is improved production of color in the image with lesser amount of noise. For other situations, like in a well-lit condition, it will automatically sense the scene and enhance memory colors for the image to perfect as hoped.

10 Things I Learned From Sony Mobiles

The second most amazing feature is the precision in the construction of the Sony G lens.This was constructed to offer a wider angle to the camera phone photographers are used too, and therefore the tolerances of the lens had to be flawless.This meant that each component of the lens was tested individually before being constructed together and then the final lens is processed through another time, so that all variances are perfected finally before being integrated in the device.

The third feature integrated in the Sony camera is the Timeshift burst that has the computational power to buffer sufficient data for up to 60, 2 megapixel images every one thirtieth of the second.

This means that the perfect shot is never far away.

Integrating the new BIONZ technology for the mobile engines meant that the camera is actually capable of high sensitivity image processing up to ISO6400 by using the new noise reduction technology.

The new phones also feature different capture modes that bring out the artistic quality of the image.

Despite all of these new camera features, it is the entire marriage of the technology and components that make the smartphone range the way it is.The phone works underwater, and produces great quality pictures even in the dark. Other than the latest camera technology, the smartphones also offer these features:

Another neat feature is the fast capture, which means that by pressing the camera key you can go from sleep mode to its normal mode within a second. Although, this might not be too good for capturing that perfect shot, however, it is better than most.

The next feature is that of the customizable menu that allows the user to select the desired camera interface and then drag it into the viewfinder window.For those who are professionals or perfectionists, one will always have the best feature on their fingertips.

Lastly, there is the sensory perception- the Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor which uses a back illuminated feature that ensures the light receptor not to be blocked.Therefore when light falls in the receptive area of the sensor, it means there is less noise even in low light.

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