10 Things Every PHP Developers Should Follow


PHP is a popular programming language and widely used. Here are ten points that every PHP developer should follow during development to minimize their efforts and maximize output.

  • PHP is a community based language, i.e. millions of developers together are regularly enriching its codes and troubleshooting errors in coding. This is one of the reasons of its popularity. Developers can always depend on this vast resource pool whenever they face problems.
  • Developing a basic understanding of SEO can go a long way in helping you analyze audience requirements better. Understanding the elements that affect SEO performance will help you trim your codes accordingly and incorporate features that would help the site rank high in search results.
  • Depending upon your requirements you may readily find a piece of code written to take advantage of. Pre-defined PHP functions and classes help in reducing the time required in developing codes from the scratch. You can modify or improve these codes at your free will to improve functionality.
  • Creating a consolidated master file or a 'Config file' will offer better control over your codes and database connection setting. If you need to change codes later on you can do it from the master file instead of dealing with several different files.
  • Always use smart coding and keep your coding simple. This is a great way to keep troubles at bay in the long run. Trim your codes whenever possible.
  • SQL injections are more common than one may think they are. Keep database sanitizing system on during development to avoid complications at deployment stage.
  • By keeping the error reporting feature turned on during developmental phase will save you the time of checking thousand lines of codes at the final stage.
  • Add comments to your codes as it will help you or another developer understand the purpose of that piece of code later on but avoid over-commenting.
  • Build your own library of codes that you expect to use several times in your career. You can select from the many applications available that will let you keep snippets of your favorite code handy.
  • Last but not the least; continuous learning is great to keep abreast with the fast changing industry. There are institutes imparting advanced level PHP learning courses to developers to help them further in their career.

PHP developers enjoy high demand in the market but at the same time they are also required to be highly productive in meeting strict deadlines. Keeping the points in mind will help them in coding smartly.

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